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07 November
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How Technology for Schools Affects the Teaching and Learning Process

Technology has been a new part of everyone’s life nowadays. It makes everything easy for someone. From office and school works, people can rely to the different technologies to help them finish assigned tasks. At work, people can now access one file in five different computers.

This mean that all employees that are working on the same thing do not need to meet and pass around the data needed. All they have to do is store it in the share folder and use the installed system to access the said data even on the same period of time. But how does technology affect the learning and teaching processes in schools?

Technology helped a lot in the evolution of learning and teaching in different schools and universities. Through the use of so many products of technology, teachers can now discuss the lessons without the need to distribute books or give out hand outs. By just accessing some sites, teachers can now give applicable exercises to their students. When it comes to learning process, technology specific to schools enable students and teachers to have easy access on lessons, up trainings and other exercises that could help them develop more their learning practices. I have myself kneeling down as I teach the kids how to open files, work the software and other tasks. Often after several days of this I was experiencing deep pains in both of my knees. Turned out that there was a  thin fluid build up in my knees that was not draining, which in turn aggravated the pain.

Some people would say that technology is something that caused them to pay higher school fees and expensive school requirements but what they do not know is that this is a very good investment. Because of this technology for schools, students and teachers have more chance of becoming the best on their chosen careers in life.

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