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22 October
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Technology to Use for Learning

Every teacher knows how difficult it is to engage an entire class in a discussion. The fact is most true in children! Children easily get distracted, and these days, using a computer in a classroom makes learning a lot more harder than it makes it easier. If the classroom allows free Internet access, chances are your child students are taking the chance to sneak a peek at their Facebook accounts in the middle of class. In other cases, they’d take the chance to steal a good game of Solitaire over the company network or just do something that is totally unrelated to class.

That’s true! Children these days learn a lot faster than children in the previous generation, and thus they might find class a bit uninteresting and maybe unchallenging for them that they’d want to turn their attention somewhere else. Well, the same thing is true for children of the previous generation but children these have days have access to a lot of stuff that can distract them from the classroom. If you’re a teacher that is using classroom management software, then there are things that you can do to make sure that your pupils have their full attention on you and are not distracted by many other things that using a computer can bring forth.

So what can you do with a classroom management software? Here are three things that a classroom learning and management software can grant you the capability of doing.

Restrict Access

One of the features that you must look out for when implementing a classroom management and learning sofware is the capability that allows you to control access during class. As a teacher, you must be able to make sure that your students and pupils are not accessing something else during the discussion. A good classroom management software will allow you to lock every workstation’s keyboards and prevent access to non-related sites for the duration of the class, and it should also allow you to grant access only in appropriate times. This makes sure that your pupils are viewing only what they need to view when you want them to see it.

Encourage Interactive Learning

Thanks to computer technology, you could encourage interactive learning with your students. Specific learning software designed for the classroom can help you achieve that, by allowing you to create presentations that your students can only learn from if they ineract with it. This is similar to those interactive videos used by services such as National Geographic on their website, but designed only to be accessed over a computer network in a classroom.

Make Use of Multimedia

Last but not the least, classroom and management learning software will allow you to make use of multimedia to present your discussions. You could make use of audio, video and even social media to get your information across to your students in a way that is both engaging and interesting for them. This is certain to keep their attention focused on you and your discussion, last week for instance I was watching a youtube video on people suffering from mild scoliosis web video is great for this use case.

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